Terms & Conditions

Booking and confirmation.

A booking is binding from the time you receive a booking number or any other type of confirmation. The confirmation is produced electronically via the booking system and/or per e-mail. When placing a reservation order, please fill in your name, address, date of arrival and departure, as well as how the payment should be undertaken. Different rules apply for different price categories.

To book a room at Hotel Korpilampi you must be over 18 years. If you are less than 18 years old either, the booker or the parents must stay at the hotel simultaneously (however, they must not necessarily stay in the room). If you book a room for a person under 18 years old, you are held responsible regardless if you stay in the room with the minor or not. For security reasons, we only allow our employees and checked-in guests access to hotel rooms and other booked rooms.

Pets are allowed at our property at a fee of 20€. We have a limited number of pet friendly rooms, these can be reserved only directly from the hotel reception: +358 9 6138 411 or myynti@korpilampi.fi Max 2 pets / room are allowed.

Arrival & Departure

Check in time is from 15:00 on the date of arrival. If you will be arriving later than 18:00, you must guarantee your late arrival with a credit card. If you do not guarantee your late arrival or have not prepaid your stay the hotel may cancel your reservation at 18:00 and re-sell it.

On the day of departure, you must vacate the room at the latest 12pm.

Rates & Payments

Non-Refundable, Prepayment

Non-Refundable reservations require a prepayment. Cancellation policy is 100% of the applicable rate.

Flexible, Pay later

The cancellation of a Flexible booking must be made by 18:00 at the latest on the day of arrival. If you cancel after 18:00 local time, you will be charged for one night.

Meetings & Group bookings

Special booking terms and conditions, as well as cancellation rules will apply.

Processing of personal data
Responsibility of the customer

We are a 100% smoke free hotel. Smoking is not premited in the bedrooms or any common area of the hotel. There is a fine of 200€ for smoking.

The customer will be liable for all damage caused by them and/or their guests with in the hotel and shall bear all cost arising from such damage and/or failure to comply with our smoke free policy.

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