Hotel Korpilampi values its natural surroundings in the northern Espoo Lake District by Lake Korpilampi. We provide unique experiences in pure Finnish nature and are dedicated to environmental responsibility and sustainable development. Our efforts include waste sorting, recycling, and using eco-friendly cleaning products, guided by Green Key and STF labels. Pandox’s monitoring systems track energy and water consumption, waste, chemical use, and CO-2 emissions to enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

Pandox Fair Play

Hotel Korpilampi, part of the Pandox Group, follows the Fair Play sustainability strategy, inspired by the principles of team sports like dedication, integrity, and teamwork. This strategy focuses on developing eco-friendly properties and signing green leases with hotel operators. Pandox aims to be a responsible, ethical, and efficient business by being an attractive employer and fostering responsible employees. To support these goals, Pandox has established a Code of Conduct for employees and business partners, along with an Environmental Policy.

For more information, go to Pandox sustainability here.

At Hotel Korpilampi, we prioritize sustainable operations and proudly hold the Green Key certification. This certification reflects our dedication to upholding responsible environmental standards and ensures that we maintain exceptional eco-friendly practices throughout all aspects of our hotel operations.

The BREEAM environmental certificate is Europe’s top classification system for assessing properties’ environmental performance, including energy efficiency, water use, materials, and waste management. It measures sustainable development in areas such as low-impact design, CO2 emission reduction, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity protection. Hotel Korpilampi received BREEAM certification in February 2022.

In February 2022, we implemented Winnow Vision, the leading food waste management technology. Using AI and food recognition, Winnow Vision automatically identifies wasted food items and provides precise data to help us reduce food waste.

Supporting Local Schools with Safety Vests

To ensure safe journeys during the dark winter months, we donated LED-equipped safety vests to local rural schools in Espoo. In 2022, first and second graders at Pakankylä School received vests, and in 2023, first graders at Lahnus School benefited. We wish all Pakankylä and Lahnus students a safe journey to school.