Sustainability at Hotel Korpilampi

Hotelli Korpilampi is part of the Pandox Ab (publ) (hereinafter Pandox) group.
The groups main business area is ownership and development of hotel properties.
Pandox owns approximately 160 hotel properties worldwide, which are mainly operated by international hotel brands such as Scandic, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Radisson Blu and Clarion.

Pandox is also the hotel operator in 20 of its own hotel properties, Hotel Korpilampi beeing one of them.

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Pandox Fair Play

As part of the Pandox Group Hotel Korpilampi is committed to the Fair Play sustainability strategy.

Just as in team sports, Pandox’s sustainability work is distinguished by high intensity, dedication and integrity.
Success also requires teamwork and mutual respect. Pandox has therefore named its sustainability strategy Fair Play.

Pandox’s most important contribution to more sustainable development is developing profitable, green properties and signing green leases with hotel operators. To succeed in this area Pandox needs to be an attractive employer that recruits and develops responsible employees and ensure that the business is operated in a responsible, ethical and efficient way.

To facilitate sustainable work in all of these areas Pandox has formulated a Code of Conduct for employees and a Code of Conduct for Business Partners as well as an Environmental policy.

Pandox sustainability strategy has five focus areas with underlying targeted areas:

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Hotelli Korpilampi vastuullisuus Environment and climate
Hotelli Korpilampi vastuullisuus Guest Satisfaction and Safety
Hotelli Korpilampi vastuullisuus Living local commuities
Hotelli Korpilampi vastuullisuus Responsible and Fair Business
Hotelli Korpilampi vastuullisuus Attractive and equalopportunity workplace
Small and big actions for sustainability

Nature is of great importance to Hotel Korpilampi.
Our location in the northern Espoo Lake District on the shore of the beautiful Lake Korpilampi gives us the opportunity to offer our customers unique experiences in pure Finnish nature and therefore our entire staff is strongly committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

Our own environmental work, such as waste sorting and recycling, using only eco-friendly cleaning detergents, etc., are supported by Green Key’s and STF labels guidelines for practical measures in everyday work.

Pandox’s monitoring systems, which measure various key indicators such the hotel’s energy and water consumption, the amount of accumulated waste, the use of chemicals and the CO-2 emissions resulting from hotel operations, are steering the improvement of the hotel property to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

Pandox Co2 päästöt
Sustainable Travel Finland label

Companies with the STF label are forerunners in sustainable tourism. They constantly aim to mitigate the harmful impact of their operations on our planet, its people, and communities.

One of the steps in the STF programme is certification: the STF labelled companies have a sustainability certificate, audited by a third party, to guarantee high-quality and long-term development in order to provide sustainable tourism services.

Read more about the STF label on Visit Finland website here

Sustainable Travel Finland STF Hotelli Korpilampi Espoo
Green Key Ecolabel

The Green Key certificate is the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry.

This prestigious eco-label represents a commitment by businesses that their premises adhere to the strict criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education.

A Green Key assures guests that, by choosing to stay with a Green Key establishment,
they are helping make a difference for the environment.

The high environmental standards expected of these establishments are maintained through rigorous documentation and frequent audits.

Hotel Korpilampi was awarded the Green Key Ecolabel in 2017 and was audited successfully in 2019 and 2022.

Read more about Green Key here:

Hotelli Korpilampi Green Key 2022 kestävä kehitys
The Breeam environmental certificate

The Breeam environmental certificate is Europe’s leading environmental classification system for construction and properties. The process assesses the property’s environmental performance, such as energy efficiency, water consumption, material choices, waste management and environmental management.

BREEAM measures sustainable development values ​​in several categories, from energy use to ecological values, and aims to influence their most important factors. These factors include e.g. low-impact design and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, sustainability and flexibility of design, adaptation to climate change, and protection of ecological values ​​and biodiversity.

Hotel Korpilampi was awarded the Breeam environmental certificate in February 2022.

Hotelli Korpilampi Espoo Breeam ympäristö sertfikaatti 1
Winnow Vision’s food waste management

Winnow Vision, the most advanced food waste management technology on the market was implemented in our kitchen in February 2022.

Enabled with AI the Winnow Vision’s food recognition technology automatically recognizes the wasted food items and produces accurate data to help us reducing food waste.

Read more about Winnow Vision:

Winnow Vision Hotelli Korpilampi Espoo vastuullisuus ruokahävikki
Safety vests for local school’s first graders

Local schools are small schools in rural area of Espoo with limited street lighting.
To ensure a safe journey to school and to after school hobbies during the dark months of winter we have donated safety vests equipped with LED lights to the local schools.

In 2022 the donation went combined first and second grade students of Pakankylä school and 2023 we donated vests to Lahnus school first graders.

We wish the students of Pakankylä and Lahnus a safe journey to school.

Pienikulkija Hotelli Korpilampi Pakankylän koulu
Other environmental actions at Hotel Korpilampi:
  • We heat our property mainly with a heating plant using wood pellets (renewable energy)
  • We have refitted hundreds of indoor and outdoor lamps with modern LED lighting technology.
  • We have installed water-saving faucet and shower nozzles in all hotel rooms,
    which has reduced the water consumption in the rooms by 25 %.
  • We use mostly environmentally friendly, plant based bio – detergents in house keeping
  • We have reduced bio-waste and sort all our waste for recycling.
  • Whenever possible, we serve local and organic products and vegetarian / vegan food
  • We recycle or donate used utensils and furniture to non-profit organizations
  • We have reduced the amount of printed paper for example by presententing the in-room information on the hotel’s TV system instead of printed room folders.
  • We have installed insect hotels and nest boxes for birds and do not clear old trees from our property to uphold biodiversity
  • We strive to increase our customers’ environmental awareness with announcements in hotel rooms and public spaces and on social media @hotelkorpilampi
  • We offer our customers responsible nature activities.The activities are produced by partners who are awarded with Green Activities of Sustainable Travel Finland certificates
  • And the work continues…..
Hotelli Korpilampi Espoo vastuullisuus Green Key

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