Saunas and Pool Area at Hotel Korpilampi

Relax at our sauna and pool area

The sauna and pool area has spacious saunas for women and men, a 12 meter swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and a pool for children. You can also cool down with a dip into the clean and clear Lake Korpilampi, all year round.

The swimming pool the Jacuzzi and a pool for children are not in use due to maintenance during 19.-.22.12.2022

The usage of the sauna and pool area is included in the room rates of our hotel guests.

You can buy sauna drinks from our lobby bar, glass bottles or containers are not allowed.The consumption of own food or beverages is not allowed.

The sauna and pool area can be also reserved for private use for larger groups.

Hotelli Korpilampi sauna tilaussauna avanto
Sauna and swimming for hotel guests

The sauna and pool area is open for hotel guests daily from 7.00 to 11.00 (closed on Monday mornings) and from 15.00 to 22.00.
Please take your towel from the room. We advice to bring your own bathing suit, a limited selection of bathing suits are for sale at the reception.

Please note that children under 18 years are to accompanied by an adult for safety reasons.

The hotel reserves the right to alter the sauna times, exceptional opening hours  will be informed at the reception.

Hotelli Korpilampi Espoo kokoustilat tilaussauna
Private sauna

A private sauna for 20 person is located in the sauna and pool area and can be reserved for 1 – 3 hour during the opening hours of the sauna area. Please note that the private sauna has one clothing and shower room and a sauna.

The rent includes includes towels and basic shampoos ans soap.

Drinks and snacks can be served upon order.

Ask for an offer for the private sauna and service at our sales office

Hotelli Korpilampi Espoo sauna tilaussauna
Traditional Black Sauna and a Timbered Barn

The black sauna and timbered barn are closed for the winter 2022/2023.
The sauna will be open for reservation again in the end of April, start of May 2023.

On the shore of Lake Korpilampi, hidden in the forest lie the timbered barn and black sauna. The area offers a perfect venue for meeting and other groups to enjoy the evening in a very Finnish way.

Begin the evening by experiencing the smooth heat of the black sauna, take a dip in the lake and enjoy the tranquility of the forest in a heated bath tub. After the sauna you can enjoy drinks and a buffet dinner on the heated and sheltered terrace of the timbered barn.

The sauna seats about 10 persons and the bath tube has room for 6 persons.
A clothing room and an additional room are in connection with the sauna.
The terrace of the barn seats about 20 persons, inside the barn there is room for 10 persons. Newly renovated toilet facilities are available.

The whole area will be reserved for one group for one evening from 16.00 to 23.00
The price for the sauna include towels.
Sauna drinks and dinner will be served by the hotel.
The consumption of own beverages and food is prohibited.
The menu for spring 2023 will be published in spring.

For reservations contact our sales office:

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