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The facilities of Hotel Korpilampi can host events of well over 300 persons such as kick-offs, recreational days, meetings or summer parties of your company. Our professional partners will organize nature activities suited for all kinds of groups throughout the year both indoors and outdoors. The activities can be combined with meetings or you can select an experience that lasts the entire day.

Below you can find some highlights of activities our partners can offer you.
For larger groups of 100 – 400 persons we offer our Back to Nature concept, which offers 20 exciting activities for the participants to choose from, restaurant services for the whole day as well as saunas, all in one package. For more information, contact our sales office.

You can book all the activities and other services from our sales office – all under one roof.

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Outdoor activities organized by our partners:

Honkalintu LTD

Nature Mobile Adventure – the ultimate teamwork game.
No sweat or tears. For groups of 10-200 persons, duration two hours:

In  NatureMobile Adventure the participants form groups of 4-6 persons and go through a course during which they have to solve various challenges. The virtual course has been built on hiking routes around Lake Korpilampi. Smart phones guide the participants to their next task point by showing the direction to go and the distance to the next task point. The teams have to complete physical tasks, answer topical questions or do humorous things together during the course.

Traditional outdoor games 
For groups of 10-200 persons, duration approximately two hours:

During this event the participants have to work both in teams and individually but either way it’s always great fun! The aim is to have fun together playing games led by our experienced guides. After welcoming ceremonies at the Hotel Korpilampi, outdoor games begin in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Korpilampi. The games are not physically demanding so they are suitable for all adults. To solve the various puzzles, the groups need communication skills, teamwork and a lot of humor. After the games the winning team receives a small prize.

Snowshoeing Trips
For groups of 10 – 30 persons, duration 1 – 2 hours

Snowshoeing is an easy way to get to know the wonders of winter nature. Following the rabbit’s trails on snow or simply enjoying nature with an experienced guide is a good addition to a training and conference day’s program. This trip can be done in darkness with the aid of head lights. Snowshoeing fits all ages and fitness levels. No previous experience needed. Our guides give an introduction to snowshoeing.

Ice stock sport
For groups of 10 – 30 persons, duration 1 – 2 hours

Ice stock sport (also known as Bavarian Curling) is a winter sport similar to curling. In German, it is known as Eisstockschießen. Competitors slide ice stocks over an ice surface, aiming for a target, or to cover the longest distance. The activity is organized on the ice of Lake Korpilampi.

Guided hiking tours 
For groups of 10 – 200 persons, duration 1 – 3 hours

Hotel Korpilampi stands on the border to Nuuksio National Park. In Nuuksio National Park you can enjoy nature experiences away from the hustle and bustle of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Experienced nature guides will take you to sights, scents and sounds of the tranquil deep forest.

Eventure LTD

Swimming in a survival suit in Lake Korpilampi – a fun experience in the freezing cold water
For groups of 6 – 20 persons, duration 2 hours

In this program, swimming in ice cold water is a pleasure. The program will take you on a swim in the icy water in survival suits worn by rescue professionals. The suits will float and keep the heroes warm.  You get to know survival tricks and survival techniques safely and try them in real life. And not to become too serious, we will be performing humorous tasks.

Ultima Problema – fun team competition
For groups of 4 – 140 persons, duration: 1 – 3 hours

This enjoyable program consists of fun team building and problem solving activities that are done in small groups. This program doesn’t require high physical condition – instead you need a little bit of communication and teamwork skills and lots good spirit and humour! The program can be run as a competition or as a more relaxed version and is a great way to get the people to know each other. Additional activities (such as archery) can also be added to the program.

Korpifit  – exercises

A brisk hiking trip to the Tremanskär nature reserve.
The trip will end with proper stretching. Duration: 90 min.
Price: €28/person (incl. VAT 24%)

Body maintenance. Opens the body and increases muscular flexibility and spine mobility.
Max. 30 persons, duration: 1 hour
Price: €28/person (incl. VAT 24%)