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Shopping in Espoo near Helsinki

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Sello Shopping Centre

Sello Shopping Centre has more than 170 stores and a bowling hall, movie theatre, an indoor adventure park and also many cafés and restaurants.


Scandinavian home products company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture – Ikea in Espoo is located only 15 km from the Korpilampi Hotel.

Iso Omena Shopping Centre

Iso Omena has 115 stores specialised in fashion, sports, books, decorations and miscellaneous. In addition to cafés and restaurants there are children’s play room, movie theatre and a gym. Iso Omena is located within half an hour distance from Korpilampi Hotel in Espoo.

Iittala Outlet

Iittala Outlet in Espoo offers products for your home from such famous brands as Iittala, Arabia and Hackman. The outlet is located only 19 km from the hotel.

Shopping in Helsinki

All of the biggest shopping centres in Helsinki are located only 20 km distance from the Korpilampi Hotel in Espoo. Within a 25 minute drive you can reach most of the biggest shopping centres in Helsinki: Stockman, Kämp Galleria, Forum and Itis.